Square Noodle Knife/Square Shred Knife

  This type of shred knife cutter uses the shearing principle to cut the dough into strips  
It’s called square shred knife cutter because the cross-sectional shape is a rectangle formed by the thickness of the dough and the width of the shreds.
This is the general type of shred knife cutter.
The square shred knife cutter uses the shearing principle splits the dough into filaments simply. Therefore the state of the dough is the same after cutting.
It looks like simple to make the square shred knife cutter if you can operate the lathe.
But shred knife cutter is not just dividing the dough into silk. We thought five of the most basic conditions must be met

  1. The dough can be divided into filaments and the filaments are distinct
  2. The width of each noodle should be the same after shredding: different widths will directly affect the weight of the noodle block.
  3. The appearance after shredding should be smooth, smooth and free of burrs: burrs and unevenness will directly affect the oil content of the noodle block during frying, and excessive crumbs/dough residue will remain in the fryer for a long time. Also affects the quality of the oil.
  4. It can meet the first three requirements and also need to be durable: the shredder is indispensable in the process of making noodles, the service life of the shredder will directly affect the cost, and the use of the shredder that does not meet the requirements It will waste cost.
  5. Follow-up maintenance services: The use of the shredder still needs to be combined with copper combs and facetizers, and the relevant size standards will affect each other. Therefore, manufacturers with sufficient experience are required to uphold the service concept of sustainable operation to allow users. Peace of mind.
In terms of models and specifications, we can make them according to the requirements of the manufacturers. We have a long-term production experience for models below the general 800 type on the market. The specifications from 1.0 to 25.4 and even special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements.


 Circle Noodle Knife/Circle Shred Knife

  This type of shredder is called a round shredder because the cross-section of the dough after the dough is divided and shredded forms a circular arc, so it is called a round shredder. Disadvantages, compared with the square shredder, the round shredder has the following advantages:

  1. Comparison of cross-sections of noodles with the same width: the circumference of a circle is shorter than that of a square. This feature allows the noodles to penetrate evenly in the process of frying, reducing the oil content and effectively saving the cost of oil.
  2. Compared with the process of dividing and shredding: the circular shredding knife presses and arranges it into a cambered circle while dividing and shredding. This action is equivalent to making soft noodles on the noodles, so it can increase the gluten of the noodles and improve the noodles. time taste.
  3. Compared with the square shape, the round shape has no extra edges and corners, so it can enter the mouth of the eater more smoothly and improve the smooth taste during eating.
  4. During the process of pouring the noodles into the soup: the round shape can reduce the adhesion of excessive soup, reduce the excess soup entering the fryer, and at the same time reduce the loss of the soup and reduce the energy consumption during frying.

Based on the above four advantages, the noodles cut by the circular shredder must be round to make sense. There are only a handful of domestic manufacturers that can produce circular shredders, but users should pay special attention to the existing Whether the shape of the strip after shredding by the circular shredder is a diamond or polygon, because the non-uniform force will cause the cross-section of the noodles to be rhombus or polygon. In addition to the advantages, the shape of the cross-section should be an arc circle rather than a polygon. The formation of the arc circle allows us to confirm that the soft surface is completed in a state of uniform pressing. Some manufacturers may place the square shredder on a flat surface. Part of the method of processing slope grooves is called such a shredder knife is a round shredder knife. The noodle cut by this type of shredder knife has a great feature that the cross-sectional shape is a diamond rather than a circle.
The reason for the high cost of the round shredder is that the technical limitations increase the cost of production. Cutting the noodles into circles is not the most difficult part for us. The most difficult part of making a round shredder is to make each The cross-section arc of the noodles is the same, because in this way, it can be confirmed that the force of the knife tip when cutting the soft surface is uniform, so that the service life of the shredder can be improved, and the force will be large in the case of uneven force. The knife tip will be worn out. Once the knife tip is worn, the shape of the noodles will be deformed and burrs will appear. Continuing to use it will not have the advantages of a round shredder, but it will also have a worse effect than a square shredder. Only under the accumulation of long-term experiments will we successfully produce a round shredder with the same quality level as that of advanced countries and provide it to domestic manufacturers, so that everyone can have the opportunity to use high-quality but not high-priced shredders to produce products and serve domestically. outside the broad masses




 Special Noddle knife

  In addition to the common square shredders and round shredders on the market, we have also developed different types of round shredders, single-groove 8-shaped shredders and double-groove 8-shaped shredders. The main functions are: In addition to maintaining the unique soft noodle function of the round shredder and the smooth taste of the entrance, increasing the adhesion of the soup makes it easier for the taste to enter the noodles, which is an indispensable factor in the development of high-end noodles

  When the progress of pasta with the times is not just to fill the stomach, the pasta-type snack food will be developed. This type of product attaches great importance to the taste. We can provide assistance in this aspect and cooperate in the development to produce products that meet the For products that are in demand by the market, we are not only your supplier but also your third-party manufacturer.


 Cooper Comb Tooth

  The production of copper comb teeth is only after long-term accumulation of experience. We decided to use bronze imported from Japan. Because of the quality requirements, we invested in imported special equipment to ensure the production of stable and accurate copper comb teeth to match the shredder. , so that users can replace and maintain smoothly, which shows that our requirements for products are never sloppy, and it is our constant requirement to provide first-class quality products.


 Noodle Divider

  The Noodle Divider is made of all stainless steel, and its relative position and size standards have a set of production procedure requirements. Finally, after the whole is sprayed with Teflon, it can be carefully packaged to arrange related delivery matters. We need to ensure that users can assemble each of our products smoothly. a product without affecting the production schedule.



 Parts Manufacturing

  In addition to shredders and related peripheral products, we are also a manufacturer with more than 20 years of processing experience, especially in the aspect of pipe making molds, whether it is stainless steel pipe or carbon steel pipe. , The factory equipment includes computer numerical control lathes / traditional precision lathes / traditional precision milling machines / drilling machines and tapping equipment / argon arc welding equipment, etc., and hope to have the opportunity to serve domestic and foreign manufacturers.

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