LIANGTAI Machinery who researches and development for shred knife cutter since 1996 when set up.
LIANGTAI has experiment of design & manufacturing for over 10 years.
LIANGTAI is a professional supplier to support the shred knife cutter of worldwide.
Supporting spare parts required in response to the booming food industry since 2000.
We major support shred knife cutter of the equipment of instant noodles.
We can customize the necessary of customer manufacturing no matter the square shred knife cutter or circle shred knife cutter.
We also produce the copper comb and noodles divider.
We wish can support the noodle manufacturer of the world high quality shred knife cutter and it’s spare parts more efficient and active  according to the experiments of decade and customer demand.
There are engineers who over 10 years shred knife cutter technical experiment.
To R&D new products we can support the technical necessary of customers.
We are sure only to ask the best quality then can fit the support of manufacturers.

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